Starcraft Terran Raven

Starcraft Terran Raven

Kreated by Kronik.
No mods required. Updated with flight performance improvements and strafing capability. Check instructional pictures.

Night mod by Durf featured in screenshots (Not a workshop item, installed manually. Google it).

Inspired by the Terran Raven unit in Starcraft. Translated into into Scrap Mechanic (with my own preferred color scheme. Feel free to paint it how you want). Tall-standing automatic piston stilts are used for staying level while landed due to the shape of the craft.
Canopy switch located under nose of craft.

Controls are listed below but instructional picture will explain the functional behavior of “8.”
The WASD module causes some latency but responsiveness has been improved.
Control layout was made with NumPad orientation in mind:

W = Thrust forward
A = Piro Left / Strafe left (8 toggled)
S = Thrust backward
D = Piro Right / Strafe right (8 toggled)
1 = Barrel Left
2 = Elevate backward
3 = Barrel Right
4 = Hover thrust
5 = Elevate forward
6 = Canopy open/close
7 = Additional vertical thrust
8 = Toggle rear thrusters for fast-forward flight (on by default) / switch between turning and strafing mode (indicated by red lights at the rear)
9 = Radio

*Rear thrusters will only engage when the craft has left the minimum distance from the

I may make a few tweaks for improvement and will be sure to update this build. Because of the way Scrap Mechanic is, mechanical parts like the front windshield and rear thrusters tend to clip and get stuck and drop FPS. Not a whole lot I can do about it (plz Axolot), so just keep that in mind.

If you would like to modify and/or share this creation, please be sure to credit me. It’s all I ask.

Brent Batch for BB stabilization kit and Thruster 4x - 512x kit refuse for WASD module
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What is this mod use for:

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