The Mirror Mod

The Mirror Mod

Automaticly mirrors parts placed on the creation!

1. place down mirror mod part on the creation/lift
2. place a part on a side to find out which way it mirrors
3. have fun

– can mirror blocks & parts
– parts can be recolored and the mirrored part will also recolor
– blocks or parts can be removed and the mirrored blocks and parts will also remove
– can be placed on an existing creation, it will look for mirrored stuff and when modifying stuff it’ll be able to modify the mirrored stuff
– stuff can be welded to it and it’ll PERFECTLY mirror it! (no flaws!)

– vanilla parts. Configured by: Brent Batch Time wasted: 2 hours
– Modpack Polygons! Configured by: Brent Batch Time wasted: 5 hours
– The Wings Mod! Configured by: DasEtWas Time wasted: 4 hours
> configuration now asks for confirmation when you’re about to overwrite an existing configuration mirror rotation!

– coloring resizeable blocks on a creation with the mirror block still attached works but can cause sudden glitches due to a ‘feature’ in scrap mechanic. the best way to avoid this is to not recolor surfaces which contain multiple colors. when it does happen it is best to remove the mirror block and manually fix it or stop coloring and do something else. (at all cost: do not start adding blocks to fix it while the mirror block is still attached, you can make it worse this way)

– add bearing/piston/spring support

Brent Batch
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What is this mod use for:

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