Survival Recipe with Balance

Survival Recipe with Balance

This mod must be installed manually!
Easy and fast with a read me file.

This mod adds more craftable items while trying to keep a balance to the game.
Great News everyone. Now there is more compatibility

Update 8/18/2020
compatibility patch to fix forestry mod

Update 8/8/2020
Updated for 0.4.7

Update 7/21/2020
Fixed Compatibility
Fixed Recyclebot only
Added test beta 0.4.7 compatibility

Update 7/20/2020
Recyclebot Only (for those who only want the recyclebot)

Compatibility folders added
Bits and Bob’s

New items
Street Wheel 3×1
Street Wheel 5×2
Combat Wheel 3×1
Combat Wheel 5×2
Combat Wheel 7×2
Combat Wheel 9×3

New Update 7/5/2020
A lot more items added to the Recyclebot
Recyclebot icon fixed

New Update 6/26/2020
Recyclebot – The only craftbot that lets you recycle. Made in the craftbot.
Craftbot speed balance
Craftbot lvl 1 Speed 1x
Craftbot lvl 2 speed 1.25x
Craftbot lvl 3 speed 1.50x
Craftbot lvl 4 speed 1.75x
Craftbot lvl 5 speed 2x

New Items
Bigger Wheel
Bigest Wheel
all duct parts
all large pipes
all generator pipes
generator coil segment
generator coil corner

Items changed
Bucket – no longer takes scrap metal to craft. now takes plastic blocks
Bubble plastic – no longer takes crude oil. now takes plastic blocks

Item recipes worth mentioning
10xFertilizer – 10 Woc Steak, 10 Chemical
5xGasoline – 10 Corn
5xBattery – 25 Chemical, 25 Scrap Metal, 25 Metal 1
5xComponent Kit – 5 Screw, 5 Nut, 5 Circuit Board, 10 Plastic
5xCircuit Board – 2 Metal 3, 3 Glue, 10 Plastic, 10 Glass
Scrap Metal made from Tote Heads

Craftbot Items added
Plastic Block, Locker, Scaffolding Step, Shack Light, Packing Light, Frame Beam Light, Work Light, Warehouse Square Light, Construction Pallet, Staircase Ramp, Scaffold Pallet Ramp, Warehouse Ramp Small, Warehouse Ramp Big, Warehouse Ramp Narrow, Narrow Small, Concave Wedge, Staircase Step, Staircase Join, Staircase Banister, Net Fence, Industrial Beam Short, Industrial Beam Long, Industrial Beam Corner, Industrial Beam Corner Bend, Industrial Beam Four Way, Industrial Beam Crossing, Industrial Beam End, Frame Beam Short, Frame Beam Long, Frame Beam End, Frame Beam Corner, Fan Base, Fan Blade Cap, Fan Blade, Screw, Nut, Skull Sign, Construction Zone Sign, Caution Sign, Danger Sign, Stop Sign,Beware Farmbots Sign, Welcome Sign, Do Not Enter Sign, Falling Object Sign,Stand Support Base, Stand Support, Stand Support Corner, Stand Support Long, Stand support A,Screw, Nut, Skull Sign, Construction Zone Sign, Caution Sign, Danger Sign, Stop Sign,Beware Farmbots Sign, Welcome Sign, Do Not Enter Sign, Falling Object Sign, and More.

Test Items (might need to be balanced more)
4 different Seed to Fertilizer, 1 Seed to gas

Hideout Items
Stone Crate – 4 Blueberry crates, 4 Orange crates, 1 Farmerball
Tree Crate – 4 Banana crates, 4 Pineapple crates, 1 Farmerball
So scrap metal is not left out
Warehouse Container – 3 Banana crates, 3 Blueberry crates, 3 Farmerballs
Gasoline, Component Kit, Pizzabuger, Woc Steak, Ember, Raft Shark Mount
Craftbot Items

2000 Scrap Stone -1 Stone Crate
2000 Scrap Wood -1 Tree Crate
2000 Scrap Metal -1 Warehouse Container

If haybot drop gives 10 scrap metal blocks then its the same as killing 200 haybots.

I see a lot of people ask if it works for multiplayer.
Yes it works for multiplayer but there is a catch to it.
If I start the game I am host, now if someone wants to join my game they would need the same files as host.
This means if I go into any random file and hit space bar and save you will need my file to play with me or it will have an error.

This is only because modding is not supported yet, I just cant help myself from modding this game. It has a lot of potential and is a lot of fun.

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