Survival Map – Radar

Survival Map – Radar

Scrap Mechanic Simple Radar for Survival
Since the devs haven’t added this feature yet, i made my own…

IMPORTANT!!! You no longer have to go to github to download this mod, it is included in the subscription now!

Install instructions:
You still need to replace the files, so go to where you installed steam (usually in):
C:Program Files (x86)Steam
Then navigate to this mod files:
Copy the “Data” and “Survival” folders
Go to your SM install folder (usually in):
C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonScrap Mechanic
Paste and replace the “Data” and “Survival” folders
That’s it! go in game and use the commands in the chat

Chat commands:
/map zero
/map z
Will home the radar to where you are standing
/map compass
/map cp
Toggles the compass
/map home
/map h
Toggles the direction to home
/map distance
/map d
Toggles the distance to home
/map position
/map p
Toggles the position of the character
/map cell
/map cl
Toggles the current cell the player is at
/map all
/map a
Turns on the whole info display
/map none
/map n
Turns off the whole info display
/map crash
Homes the crash site
/map master zero
Will home all players to current position

If you have questions, DM on Discord at NightmaresInd##0828 or send me a msg on steam FC:53124465
Road map for this tool

(if the devs or someone else don’t make their own before):
Add multiplayer support
Save positions and remember them for each save
Add beacons to mark stuff
Make a hotkey instead of chat commands
Add enemy detection

New customizable Interface (You can edit the images in /Data/Gui/RadarAssets/)
Added the Interface (The square frame stays even when you disable the components, this wont resolve until the devs allow for better gui protocols)
Tided up the code for faster performance
Added command shortcuts
Distance now is represented on real-world units instead of game-units (Metters)
v1.1.1:(Stable Release)
No longer needing to go to github to download
v1.1.0: (Beta/Test version)
Code redo to allow customization and further commands
Maybe works with multiplayer? don’t have anyone to test it with
New games now don’t start as devs
Position now stays fixed to map coordinates
Initial Release
Angle to Home
Distance to Home
Home zeroing

Nightmares Industries
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What is this mod use for:

Would you like to upgrade your engineering game? Then Scrap Mechanic Mod is exactly what you need. This Scrap Mechanic Mod free example enables you to get a personalized version of the game. Add whatever you like and make everything possible. This means that all kind of strategies will become possible to implement. Enjoy the game to the fullest! Your competitors will be surprised unpleasantly.

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