Survival Harvesting Boost

Survival Harvesting Boost

Manual install Needed!
Fast and Easy with a read me file.
This mod can be found in Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent3879902104092841

This mod adds a randomizer to the following items.
Oil Gyser 1-5
Slimy Clam 1-3
Woc Steak 1-4
Woc Milk 1-3
Glow Goop 1-3
Cotton Plant if hit 1-2 if picked 2-4
Pigment Flower if hit 1-2 if picked 2-4

Now the plantables aka tomato potato ect.. now have a randomizer

If hit 1
If picked 1-3
If vacuum 1-2

Seed drop
If hit 0
If picked 1-2
if vacuum 1-2

Loot Drop Change
Seed drop from loot decreased
Tomato, Redbeat, carrot, Banana, Blueberry, Orange, Potato, drop from loot Increased

I see a lot of people ask if it works for multiplayer.
Yes it works for multiplayer but there is a catch to it.
If I start the game I am host, now if someone wants to join my game they would need the same files as host.
This means if I go into any random file and hit space bar and save you will need my file to play with me or it will have an error and crash the game.

This is only because modding is not supported yet, I just cant help myself from modding this game. It has a lot of potential and is a lot of fun.

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