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Expanded info


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What does this mod do?
This mod will add some small features like displaying how much time there is left in seconds when refining stuff or how many hits there is left when breaking wood. This mod also adds some features that eliminates problems like having to open your inventory all the time to make sure you have enough ammo or building blocks and getting lost after a long adventure! This mod even adds a raid GUI that will displays all information you would ever want about a raid. You have probably also experienced many times when you completely forget about a raid, download this mod and problem solved!! this mod has a notification/alarm when a raid starts soon. No more forgetting about raids!
A list of all features can be found a little lower down in the description

This mod uses a very modified version of k0ldbl00d’s Survival Compass mod, big thanks to him for letting me use his code! You can find his mod right here

If you want to use this mod with Survival Harvesting Boost, Survival Player Forestry and Farming Mod, GPS & Map Mod, Survival Recipe with Balance or Biofuel Mod you must install this mod via install method 1. And yes, i have updated my raid calculator and other stuff to work with the new raid levels added by Survival Player Forestry and Farming Mod. Crops coming soon.

Note: If you want to play multiplayer in survival while having this mod installed then everyone that you are trying to join/trying to join you needs to have this mod installed too. If the host does not have the same files as the people that are tring to join it will not work. The mod might also need to be installed in the same way

Method 1: Non-manual install with a .bat file

Navigate to

and start the program called ExI_Installer.bat. If you want to use this mod with Survival Harvesting Boost, Survival Player Forestry and Farming Mod, GPS & Map Mod, Survival Recipe with Balance or Biofuel Mod they will need to be installed first. Then just run the ExI_Installer.bat and just follow the instructions provided by the installer.

You can uninstall this mod by starting the program called uninstall.bat in the same place as you found the ExI_Installer.bat, aka this mod’s workshop folder.

Method 2: Non-manual install with the Survival Mod Loader

Install the Survival Mod Loader at the link here if you don’t have it installed already (Follow the install instructions on the mod page that has been linked)

After you have installed Survival Mod Loader you just need to start the program, select this mod and any other mods that you want on the compatable mods tab and then click inject. Now your mods should be installed and everything you need to do is start Scrap Mechanic!

Note: If you need any help or stuff like that with the Survival mod loader, then don’t contact me as i did not make it.

If you find a bug or would like a feature to be added make sure to leave a comment! Also, if you liked the mod or thought it was usefull make sure to leave a big thumbs up!!
If you did not like this mod, please don’t leave a thumbs down. Instead tell me what you want me to make better!

Features added so far:

  • A text which shows how many more hits you need to do with your hammer for all tree types, logs and rocks
  • A text which shows the time left to finish refining something manually
  • Spud counter in the lower left corner that shows how many spuds you currently have in your inventory
  • Counter for blocks, seeds and paint in the lower left corner that shows how many you have of the item you are holding, except paint which is only shown when holding the paint tool.
  • Compass that also shows coordinates
  • Raid Gui that will display pretty mtuch all information you would ever want for a raid. Position, Cell, Level, Wave, Crop value, How many bots will raid when the raid starts and How mutch time there is left until the raid starts (Almost forgot that one)
  • A notification/alarm when a raid will start shortly. A sound will be played and an alert text will be displayed when there is 60 seconds left. When there is 30-10 seconds a sound will be played and an alert text will be displayed, when there is 10-1 seconds left a louder sign will be played and finally when the raid starts a different sound will be played!
  • In-game raid size calculator (Inspired by the raid size calculator made by greeny here[scrapmechanic.greeny.dev]), technically this is the second raid calculator i have added but it is mutch different from the one in my raid gui. It’s almost like the one that greeny made in how it works, input numbers and then you can see how many bots are going to raid and all that stuff. I wanted to make it so you would press buttons instead of using commands to controll it, but due to modding limitations i could unfortunately not do that.
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What is this mod use for:

Would you like to upgrade your engineering game? Then Scrap Mechanic Mod is exactly what you need. This Scrap Mechanic Mod free example enables you to get a personalized version of the game. Add whatever you like and make everything possible. This means that all kind of strategies will become possible to implement. Enjoy the game to the fullest! Your competitors will be surprised unpleasantly.

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